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intro and rage

I guess I am the first person to write on this thing.

Ok, so here goes: Basically I have been FAT my whole life: I ballooned to 212 pounds by the time I was in 8th grade.
Now I am a freshman in college, and my weight fluctuates between 260 and 240 pounds. I hate my lifestyle--I keep losing and gaining the same 2o pounds. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING, because whenever I begin to lose, I tell myself i'll go the whole way, and lose everything

I just end up gaining them back, and I feel like a failure. I HATE feeling this way. I hate it. I hate being this fat, I hate it that I haven't had a date in the last 6 months--the only guys I get are fat ones like me. I can't get anyone "attractive"
I HATE THIS. I wish people didn't judge me so much.

That's it, i guess.

thanks for listening.
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thank you for joining, and I am so sorry you feel like this.
You're not a failure for being fat! I hope you start feeling empowered