Éponine Thénardier/Fantine Reincarnated (jade_faith) wrote in fat_rage,
Éponine Thénardier/Fantine Reincarnated

I am not just fat.

On Facebook, I receive a lot of friend requests from good-looking dudes in Turkey who seem to like BBWs. As soon I add them, I begin to receive sexual harrassment and threats that if I "don't get to know them" they will defriend me. I also had one attempt cyber sex with me via Yahoo. Like the next heterosexual woman, I don't mind male attention. In fact, sometimes I invite it. But, when I invite you, that doesn't mean I want you shoving your chauvinistic disrespect down my throat.

Plus-sized women are the minority and most often times oppressed in most of the world with the exception of some cultures, particularly Africa. We are already struggling to be recognized as valid human beings. Because of our second-class citizen class, we have to battle sizeism and most often times misogyny. Respect is the first and foremost thing on our minds and we demand it NOW.

There are many out there who engage fat fetishism. Some women don't mind it and some women see it as the only way they'll able to attain a romantic partner. I don't mind men who prefer plus-sized women, but I really dislike those with who have a reason to exotify fat women. From personal experience, I have discovered that men who have fat fetishism tend are more likely to disrespect and sexually harrass women of size even they mean well.

Despite what society says, you do have a choice and you don't have to go for men who will only go for your curves. What happens if you decide to lose weight? Most likely they will get upset and try to find reasons to make you gain weight.

Here's my message to men with fat fetishes: there is more to fat women than her size. They have minds and personalities.

We enjoy the occasional attention, but we really don't appreciate being put on a pedestal because of our weight.

There is more to us than you what you want to see.

Exoticize my fist!

I know that I don't speak for every fat chick out there, but these are just my thoughts. I hate being sexually harrassed and exotified because of my size. I refuse to be someone's fetish.
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